Claim Verification:

FLARIN (200mg soft capsules)
FLARIN Joint & Muscular Pain Relief (200mg soft capsules)

The Proprietary Association of Great Britain (PAGB) and the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) requires that claims that involve comparisons with potentially identifiable products can be verified by consumers. Infirst Ltd are currently using the following claims which are supported by the information summarised below.


‘No other ibuprofen proven to be more effective for joint pain’ or ‘No other ibuprofen is more effective for joint pain’
Infirst Ltd have conducted a clinical trial in 462 patients with knee pain (the FLARE study). This trial compared joint pain relief with Flarin (2x200mg lipid capsules 3 times a day for 5 days) with either the same dose of standard ibuprofen liquid capsules (1x400mg lipid capsules 3 times a day for 5 days) or a higher dose of ibuprofen liquid capsules (2x400mg lipid capsules 3 times a day for 5 days). The results of the study showed that Flarin capsules (1200mg/day) are as effective as the prescription dose of standard liquid capsules (2400mg/day). The highest dose of ibuprofen that can be purchased without a prescription is 400mg (1200mg/day).

Infirst have conducted a review of  all the ibuprofen joint pain clinical trials published  over the last 10 years (July 2019) and found no evidence of any trials that would dispute this statement.  

The full results of the FLARE study can be accessed here http://www.oarsijournal.com/article/S1063-4584(17)31197-4/fulltext


‘Unique lipid formulation helps shield your stomach from damage’
The formulation of ibuprofen in lipids is unique, Flarin is the first ibuprofen product with this type of formulation. The term unique represents exactly that: it is patent protected and is the only ibuprofen formulation with this composition. Flarin’s patented lipid technology encases ibuprofen in lipids (Glycerol Monolinoleate and Hard Fat) and is based on a complex manufacturing process which involves heating and dissolving specific pharmaceutical grade lipids, ibuprofen and other excipients together over several days.
It is well known that ibuprofen has a local effect when it is in contact with the gastric mucosa (stomach lining) following oral ingestion.
Flarin is a lipid formulated ibuprofen product designed to limit the interaction of ibuprofen with gastric fluids. Limiting the ability of ibuprofen to dissolve into the gastric fluids removes its ability to act as an acid. Dissolution experiments undertaken demonstrate that the Flarin formulation prevents ibuprofen from interacting with simulated gastric fluid.


infirst Ltd, Data on file 2018